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Water Heater Anode Rod Information

What Is An Anode Rod?
It is a magnesium or aluminum (or a combination of aluminum, tin and zinc) rod that is inserted in the heater, typically from the top of the tank, in an opening of its own or as part of the outlet nipple. The metal is self-sacrificing (corrodes); this protects the tank and elements from corroding and helps to extend the life of the tank.

When To Replace Your Anode Rod:
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It is a good idea to check the anode rod once a year. Depending on your water conditions if the anode rod is more than 50% depleted then it is a good idea to replace it. Waiting a long time is not a good idea. The possibility of the old water heater anode rod becoming broken off, and then falling to the bottom of the water heater (and then bouncing around whenever water travels inside the water heater) is what will deteriorate the water heater tank lining very quickly. This will cause cracks in the glass lining of the water heater radically shortening the life of the water heater. Having a depleted anode rod and not replacing your water heater anode rods in a timely fashion will shorten the life span of your water heater.

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